Syllabus workshop EpiDoc

Workhop EpiDoc

Simona Stoyanova


EpiDoc ( is a community of practice and guidance for using TEI XML for the encoding of inscriptions, papyri and other ancient texts. It has been used to publish digital projects including Inscriptions of Aphrodisias, Inscriptions of Roman Tripolitania, Inscriptions of Greek Cyrenaica, Ancient Inscriptions of the Northern Black Sea, Duke Databank of Documentary Papyri, Digital Corpus of Literary Papyri, and EAGLE-Europeana.


This session will introduce participants to the basics of XML and specifically EpiDoc markup, and give hands-on experience of tagging textual features and object descriptions, identifying and linking to external person and place authorities. We will discuss briefly the issues of project workflow and management. We will demonstrate the possibilities offered by the EpiDoc Front-End Services (EFES) platform for publishing epigraphic material, including indices, search and browse.


  1. Brief history of EpiDoc and its development and use
  2. Basic rules of XML and use of the Oxygen XML editor
  3. Mapping the Leiden distinctions to EpiDoc; EpiDoc Quick Reference documents: Leiden reference and Structure reference; EpiDoc template file
  4. Practical session on encoding both text and metadata
  5. Demo of using EFES for indexing and publication
  6. Final discussion



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